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This book covers seven years in the lives of four transgender teenagers, as they grow from young girls to young women on the streets of Los Angeles. It’s the first book ever to look at the burgeoning culture of transsexual youth—but more than that, it provides rich narrative and insight into the way we all invent and understand ourselves simultaneously.

“Beam knows how to tell a story…Whether Beam is recounting statistics from a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on homeless youth or how treatment of transgender people in prison violates the Eighth Amendment, she keeps it stimulating. Beam acknowledges that "Transparent" "is merely the story of four transgender young women and their friends living in a particular place at a particular time." But it's also a love story about one young woman reaching out and helping another one claim her place in the world.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“A gripping, illuminating and deeply moving portrait of transgender teens in Los Angeles, [where] the smallest incidents reverberate sharply.”
Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Review

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